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What is Sumari?

Sumari is a family of consciousness that works primarily with creativity. Individuals of a Sumari persuasion often introduce new ways of being and new forms of creative expression to the collective whole. The Sumari aspect of consciousness initiates, seeds, and sparks movements of creativity, setting energy into motion with an inventiveness that follows its own spontaneous order. This spontaneous creativity originates from a wellspring of deep alignment with Source energy. It is, therefore, part of a much broader harmony than can usually be recognized in the broad spectrum of events. Sumari creativity and artful expression often spark creative changes in the larger social context of their times, yet their focus is on the original and creative act itself.

What are Sumari Healing Arts?

When Sumari focus their creativity into medicine, healing itself becomes art, creative expression becomes healing, while spontaneous creativity, which knows its own order, illuminates the art of medicine. In other words, when we allow the expression of our true and unique self, we allow ourselves to express our talents and abilities to their greatest fulfillment. In doing so, we unlock and unleash vast amounts of energy that were previously held back in distortion and bound up in resistance. When we release our creative energy, clearing out blockages and distortions, and restoring our original free flow, tremendous healing takes place in our lives, not just at the physical level, but also in our emotions, mind and spirit. We come into alignment with Source energy, with our own true nature, to such a degree that disease is no longer capable of surviving in that rarefied expression of total wellness and connectedness to All-That-Is.

Upcoming Classes

Mastery of Energy: Upcoming Classes

Initiate or accelerate your energetic mastery and energy skills with these exciting journeys of personal healing, empowerment, and integration. Then expand your healing skills as you learn to help others. These classes are part of our medical qigong certification program.

Medical Qigong Course Levels 1 & 2

Five Branches University, San Jose Campus, Fall Term

All classes Sundays, 9am – 5:30pm
(CEUs available for acupuncturists)

* Level 1:   Sept 9, Sept 23, Oct 7, Oct 21

Self cultivation. Learning to work with your own energy for self healing.
Registration & Course details

* Level 2:   Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 2,  Dec 9

Self cultivation and the beginning of treatment skills.
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Sample Qigong Set from Level 1 & 2

Sample Qigong Set Covered in Level 1 & 2 Courses. 
View on YouTube.

Sample Meditation from Level 1 & 2

Sample Meditation Covered in Level 1 & 2 Courses. 
View on YouTube.