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As a student of Thomas Leichardt, you have access to all relevant course materials for the course that you’re enrolled in, including class notes, study guides, a course syllabus, tips, guides, and other class related materials, for a 6 month period. The member’s area is a continual work in progress. In time, it will contain special instructional videos for the various practices and treatment modalities taught in our classes.

You will also be added to our mailing list, a low volume (one-per-month) list that will alert you of our current class offerings, as well as any new instructional videos, articles and other helpful information relevant to this work. You can unsubscribe at any time and keep your membership. 

Is Membership free?


Is access to each individual course free?

Yes, for enrolled students. The first 6 months of access to each individual course that you’re enrolled in is included. These are supporting materials intended to enrich you on your journey through whatever course you’re enrolled in, and will continue to expand and grow over time.