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In no particular order, these books have been pivotal in jump-starting my out of body experiences. While I had spontaneous OBEs, these books helped me hone my practice and make it a conscious deliberate experience, rather then just a rare oddity.
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30 Days to the Most Exciting Experience of Your Life

By Rick Stack

Being a reader of Seth, this is naturally where I began my journey, and it was a great place to start! I appreciate Rick’s simplicity and his close alliance with the Seth material. This book is a quick read, and will have you up and running (or levitating, or flying) in no time. If you’re a reader of Seth, this is a great place to start, if not, you may also consider the following book to launch your journey…
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Adventures Beyond the Body:
How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel

By William Buhlman

A great place to begin, this book is rich with personal experience and chock full of great techniques and advice for getting out of body, and what to do while out. This book delivers with techniques and instructions, as well as compelling stories of adventures that will motivate you to go for it. One thing I discovered in this practice, is that it takes consistent focus and determination. Reading stories of other adventurers not only inspires us to make attempts, those stories also pave the way for our conscious mind and energy body to begin to accept and acclimate to the experience, making it much easier to achieve, sometimes even spontaneously while we sleep! This book goes a long way to prepare both the mental climate conducive to OBEs as well as the technical skills needed to get up and out and off on your own adventures! 
The really wonderful thing about William Buhlman is that he teaches self empowerment in all realms. Rather then spreading fear about this incredible phenomenon, he teaches us how to handle any challenging experiences that may arise in our adventures. We can ultimately own and take responsibility for our reality constructions, increasing our confidence and personal power, as we realize that we create them and can direct our experience!
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The Secret of the Soul:
Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature

By William Buhlman

William Buhlman’s second book will supercharge your out of body practice. Picking up where he left off with Adventures Beyond the Body, in Secret of the Soul, he expands upon the various spiritual states encountered out of body. Replete with personal accounts and those of other travelers, you will find yourself vibrating with enthusiasm and ready to take off. 
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The Phase:
Shattering the Illusion of Reality

By Michael Raduga

Michael Raduga is somewhat unorthodox in the out of body space, making this book a refreshing odyssey that stands out in the OBE literature. Firstly, he approaches the out of body phenomenon from a scientific mindset, which can be refreshing for the materially inclined who wish to experience this incredible phenomenon without first having to accept spiritual belief systems. I appreciate this approach because I want scientists and people of all persuasions to study this phenomenon and experience it, regardless of what labels they apply. Secondly, Michael has a very cavalier, hands on roll your sleeves up and turn on the masses approach that I find refreshing. This book has gone through many revisions. At the time I read it, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it read like a hands on manual.  The techniques he presents are top notch, but even more so is the algorithm of techniques that stacks the deck in the favor of anyone following it precisely. I loved it so much that I presented this set of techniques at the 2014 CA Seth Conference and again at the 2015 CA Seth Conference. I am re-reading the current version of this book, which seems to give a lot more background life story of Mr. Raduga, which I either didn’t remember or he added in. I will update this review on here when I complete my second read of this book.
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Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness
By Jane Roberts

Being a reader of Seth, I had to return to this classic, even though I read a lot of other literature on the phenomenon before this one. If you love the Seth material, you will find this a great companion guide to your out of body practice. This book is great for expanding your knowledge of the out of body experience with Seth’s multidimensional wisdom and experience.
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The Early Sessions:
Book 6 of The Seth Material

By Jane Roberts

If you’re a reader of Seth, and want to read up on his treatment of the out of body experience, this volume of the early sessions has many references to out of body states, including projections to the various levels of reality. While most are content to explore the form based “astral planes,” there are levels even deeper into the interior of the universe that Seth touches upon and may trigger any reader into those greater and vaster dimensions of the self and existence. 
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Seth Speaks:
The Eternal Validity of the Soul (A Seth Book)

By Jane Roberts

While not a book on out of body experiences per se, if you are interested in a deep metaphysical odyssey while preparing your mental climate for the multidimensional adventure at hand, then this book will deliver in spades!
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See you on the other side!!!