Overcoming Fear in OBE States

Overcoming Fear in Out of Body States

By Thomas Leichardt, L.Ac., DMQ (China)

In a recent Facebook discussion on OBEs, I answered a question about fears that arise during separation from the physical body. I would like to share that response here in expanded form, including many tips and resources for working with and transforming fear arising during the initial moments of separation.

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Fear can arise immediately at the moment of separation from the physical body precisely because the waking consciousness is confronted so directly with an incredibly profoundly new experience. No matter how much we have already read and studied copious material, including how-to manuals, books and other people’s personal experiences on the subject of OBEs, everything changes once we are in a direct personal experience with the phenomena. Fear may suddenly arise, as we are no longer dealing with purely theoretical knowledge. Instead, the experience is so intensely immediate, real, and tangible that it can take some time for the waking consciousness to get acquainted with the actuality and the accompanying sensations of that incredibly rich, profound and unusual state of awareness.

Speaking personally, I overcame my initial fearful responses with proper knowledge from various authors, coupled with practical experience, practice, and of course, a neutral mind that is not insistent on a specific outcome. Fear can seem easy to overcome once you’re on the other side of it, but I know how immediate and frightening it can feel when you’re held in its sway. Therefore I appreciate sharing all I know in the hopes it helps other fellow travelers along the way.

As with any new experience, the last thing you’ll want to do is to judge or beat up on yourself, and certainly you don’t want to compare yourself to others that seem to have an easy time of it. Remember, there is no race. Everyone grows and develops new abilities on their own time, and at their own pace. Therefore, trust that you too will do so at a pace that is right and relevant for you.

Let’s use a hypothetical example to illustrate what may happen as you begin to explore the world of out of body travel. For this mental exercise, imagine that you are keenly intent on skydiving for the first time. You read many accounts about the actual experience, you have seen what it looks and feels like, through videos and other visual aids, you prepare yourself with special training on the ground, and you are otherwise very well informed, prepared and ready. You have taken all the steps that you can reasonably take to prepare yourself. Now, imagine you are on that plane, so incredibly and viscerally far above the earth, wind coming through the plane’s open door, and you look down at the earth so incredibly far below, so so far away, and everything is so real and immediate – staggering in how real in comparison to all those books and videos you’ve seen! Right at that visceral moment, you may very well feel the grip of intense and immediate fear. In the grip of that fear, you might even decide to postpone your jump, saving it for another day. Now, if that was in fact the case, there really would be absolutely nothing to stop you from trying again. In fact, you can try as many times as you like, until you feel fully comfortable to make that first profound leap into the great unknown, trusting that you’ll know what to do, that the parachute will work, that the training you’ve had is adequate, etc. Using our skydiving example, you can see that unless you gave up all together, you would feel increasingly more and more comfortable each time you attempted to jump, becoming increasingly familiar with the sensations of the wind, the elevation, and seeing the ground so far beneath your feet. Each exposure to that precursor event, that moment high up in the plane, that moment just before the great leap, that visceral real experience, would make you all the more ready for that next step – that next leap, into the unknown!

In time, whether the first, or the third, or fifth time, if you stuck with it, eventually, you would build up that courage to leap, you would find the courage to let go and simply…


And trust… flying through the air!

Sure, some people may jump on their first time, while others may do so on the second or third attempt. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. You see, there is no judgement, and it is not a race to show off how many Out of Body Experiences anybody has or how advanced you or anybody else is. Its really not a comparison or a competition.

It is your own personal journey.

Good news is, with out of body exploration, unlike having to arrange for another airplane ride in order to skydive, its very easy to recreate the proper conditions to try and try again to separate and explore beyond your physical limits in out of body states! You can easily try several times a week if you like. You can also practice Psy Time, a very simple meditation technique, which will familiarize you with altered states of consciousness on a daily basis. And, while second hand knowledge has its limitations, you can always read various books and get more tips from the ever growing library of explorers who have left many valuable insights for others to folow.

Generally, as with anything that you continuously focus upon, with conscious determination and persistence, you will keep getting better and better, and you will do so at your own unique pace. All that is required is that you stay focused on out of body exploration as a practice, while keeping a right attitude of joy, excitement, ease and flow. Ultimately, you will become your own authority as you become familiar with your own abilities and mental states; while initially, many of the external sources of information (such as this one) can truly serve to calm, prepare and reassure your mind.

Regarding the vibrational state, a common and sometimes frightening experience during the onset of separation from the physical body, my own personal experiences are varied. Sometimes I have intense vibrations and am unable to separate, while at other times I separate by passing through a vibrational state at the onset, and yet at other times, I seem to skip the vibrational state altogether by coming awake within a dream state, or simply by willing myself out at just the right moment.

It is very useful to know the vibrational state from the inside out, so that you can use it as a signpost. The vibrational state, in all its variations and permutations, is a clear signal letting you know that your consciousness is already separating from the physical, and that you are in an incredibly high probability of projecting your consciousness and energy body away or out from the physical one. And it is highly advantageous to know that, once the two bodies are no longer occupying the same “space” i.e. not superimposed one on the other, the vibrations immediately stop! Therefore, immediate and certain separation right then and there will propel you right out of the vibrational state and out of body at the same time.

To accomplish this, using the “target technique” during the vibrational state can be very useful. This technique includes visualizing that you are in another room of your house or at any other familiar physical location. You do this by fully relaxing into your experience, using as many senses as possible to place yourself at the other location, recreating all of its familiar sights, sounds, and sensations. Use as many of your senses to recreate the scene as vividly as possible. For example, in your minds eye, vividly see where you are standing, recreate the sensation of weight on your feet as much as possible, imagine being able to feel your non physical body with your hands, and tune into any familiar sounds of this place. Does it have a familiar smell? Is there a familiar feeling tone in this location? Some people are much better at recreating scenes with their visual senses, while others may recreate by honing into the feeling tone of a place, or its smells and tactile sensations. As you play with this, it will get much easier to go there in your mind. If you catch the right moment and state of consciousness while applying this technique, you will find your consciousness easily leaving your physical body.

For me, the target technique is is by far the most effective way to separate from the physical body when experiencing the vibrational state and at all other times as well. For me, the target technique includes a combination of visual and kinesthetic sensations – that is, I imagine that I am there visually and by feeling. I see myself there, and I viscerally feel as if I’m there. Some alternative techniques, once you’re in the vibrational state, include simply getting up, floating up, rolling out, or otherwise moving away from your physical body. Of course these actions are performed with your energy body, while your physical body continues to lay there, relaxed. Once you’re in the vibrational state, you are already separated from the physical, you are in the perfect state already – so don’t delay, just get up and go!

Many of these techniques, tips, and tricks are all very well explained in “The Phase” by Michael Raduga, and “Adventures Beyond the Body” by William Buhlman, as well as my OBE videos on YouTube (2013 , 2014 , 2015 ). “The Phase” is probably one of the best technical manuals out there for inducing OBEs, even though otherwise its a fairly dry, “scientific” book with a materialist worldview. It also includes personal stories of the author himself, as well as his many students from around the world, whose entrance techniques and experiences he scrutinizes and evaluates. “Adventures Beyond the Body” is also very excellent and incredibly insightful. It offers a much more spiritualistic world view while still attempting to connect the phenomena to modern “quantum” scientific thought. For all the wonderful and life changing books I recommend in out of body travel, please visit my OBE library. My audio lectures on out of body exploration are also available here.

OBEs for Both ~ the Materialist and the Spiritualist!

As a final note, no matter what your persuasions and personal beliefs, it is highly important to not let worldviews get in the way of direct personal experience with this phenomenon. Whether you believe that OBEs are purely states created by the brain, or that your consciousness is in fact leaving the physical body, the techniques for inducing this exhilarating state are one and the same. In other words, both the materialist and the  spiritualist can enter this state of consciousness, regardless of what one believes to be its fundamental cause.

About the Author

Thomas Leichardt is available for consultations in all things energetic and spiritual. As a holistic medical practitioner, he applies various modalities to help restore his patients’ natural alignment with health, vitality, joy, creativity and clarity. Thomas has an acupuncture and energy medicine clinic in San Jose, CA. He also teaches classes in energy medicine and is faculty at Five Branches University.

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