Meditations Compilation 1 – Digital Download

Three meditations, one incredible journey!

These three meditations help and assist spiritual practitioners, energy healers and aspiring martial artists to develop a stronger connection to earth, to our external energy fields, as well as our psychic and intuitive perceptions.

Three excellent meditations for your inner journey

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Contains these Three Exciting Meditations

1) One through Four Meditation – develop a deep appreciation and connection to earth’s sustaining and nurturing energy and our lower Dan Tian

2) Wu Zang Meditation – develop a healthy boundary system, create a safe space around ourselves, and increase awareness, strength and vitality of the external energy fields that surround our bodies

3) Eight Direction Perception Meditation – develop and activate our psychic intuitions and inner sense perceptions

See you on the other side!!!

References and recommended readings

These meditations can be found in The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine by Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson. More…