Inner Exploration

Inspired Writing on Inner Exploration

By Thomas Leichardt, L.Ac., DMQ (China)

As I go into various states of altered consciousness in my practices, I really enjoy receiving insight and inspiration from the broader non-physical aspects of myself. I love translating that vibration into messages and then putting them into writing so that others can enjoy the expansion, as much as can be transmitted through the written word. Often these messages are translated into a perspective of being spoken from a broader non-physical dimension, so as you read this, imagine it coming from those non-physical dimensions where your greater or higher self dwells, and enjoy the transmission!

~ ~ ~

The world you inhabit has a tendency to seem to be the only one in existence, because you are constantly drawing to yourself energy of like vibration, creating vast networks of same-level experience, which you then share and maintain with other same-level beings. This happens to such an amazing degree, that anything other than your same-level reality begins to seem improbable. It in fact becomes improbable, in your terms, due to your highly specialized and strict focus upon the narrow band of reality with which you now identify. This strict focus, now common upon your plane, makes all other realities not only seem improbable, but in fact, impossible. The all important matter of your focus determines the extent to which you lock yourselves in your own universe, then, due to the exclusion of all other data.

There are vast networks of energy, creation, and manifestation that are always operating, yet always seem to escape your notice, simply because you refuse to acknowledge the greater realities from which you yourselves originate. This other reality, the one in which you have your greater being, is here, waiting to be discovered and explored. Much of this can be done with the precious faculties of your conscious mind, simply by turning your attention inward. Everyone can learn to do this, no matter how ill equipped any of you might feel in the art of perceiving inwardly. There are no barriers to this kind of inner exploration – save for the barriers that you yourselves have erected. I am here to tell you that there are no barriers. And I speak to, and from, the greater portions of your own being.

You waking consciousness is fully equipped, in this moment, to explore the inner dimensions of existence in which you have your greater being. You are always supported and connected to your own vast inner reality, even as you are expanding outward into the world of form and substance. Your ability to perceive inward, to feel and experience those vast portions of your being that exist in non physical dimensions, is determined by your own willingness to turn your attention inward and simply to look where you have not been trained to look.

You simply turn inward.

This wonderful art and science of inner perceiving is activated when you have built up enough desire to do so, desire to go beyond the world that you know and to look within and underneath the surface level of events and circumstances. It is activated with your intention, willingness, and consistent attempts at focusing inwardly. While this may take some patience and consistency of practice for some of you, there is no doubt to the fact that each of you can learn to perceive the greater dimensions of your own being, for you are a being that literally straddles many realities and many dimensions of existence simultaneously.

You are on the verge of a massive cultural shift toward the inner realms, for you as a species are awakening to realize the constrictions of a consciousness pointed in one direction only. Your one dimensional focus has had its benefits, for the intense focus upon physical matter and corporal reality has produced gains that would not otherwise be possible. Continuing on in this manner, however, would no longer serve the species, for the time has come when new experiences must emerge, and new challenges must be met, explored, and resolved. You are in the process of completing one set of lessons and beginning another. A child who has passed the third grade would have little benefit in repeating it, as would the species have little benefit in continuing a line of development that has clearly reached its point of fruition.

A larger part of humanity is ready to “graduate” into greater portions of its being. This will be a graduation of remembrance, however, for you will only be remembering that which you have cleverly chosen to forget. You see, to play this brilliant game of physical life, and to invest it with reality, intensity, and immediacy, you had to for a moment forget your greater being. You had to forget that you are eternal beings, so that the poignancy of physical life could be experienced, couched as it were, between a seeming birth and a seeming death, and thus lived to its fullest. Against the backdrop of death and the seeming impermanence of your being, your precious physical moments gained a brilliant and intense focus that could not be otherwise.

Now, however, you are moving into an era of remembering your greater being, while at the same time maintaining this brilliant focus that you have developed, honed, and perfected over many countless centuries of generations and lifetimes. This is the next order of expansion and exploration, then, and a great many of you have chosen this new line of development with eagerness, wanting, and anticipation.

In the coming months and years, then, you will all begin to feel and experience the gateways to your greater being and knowingness opening up. Many of you have already begun to experience these changes already. Through the process of awakening, it will feel as if a great veil is being lifted from your eyes and you will literally see a new world before you. The world will appear permeated by the light of your own greater being and wisdom that will shine through the form and substance of this plane. It does not mean that challenges will not be there. It does mean however that you will be able to face your challenges from a much broader perspective than you have ever known before. It is the awakening of this broader perspective, while maintaining your brilliant physical focus, that is the next stage of human development.

The next frontier, then, will not be explored in the horizontal world of time and space, but rather, in the vertical world of your own greater multidimensional being. The practices of inner exploration; be they meditation, lucid dreaming, or out of body experiences, will all prove invaluable in the exploration of this “new” territory of the greater Self.

As many of you know, much of my writing is often inspired by Jane Robert’s books, as well as a whole variety of spiritual teachers, friends, and life’s experiences. Thank you all!

About the author: Thomas Leichardt is available for consultations in all things energetic and spiritual. As a holistic medical practitioner, he applies various modalities to help restore his patients’ natural alignment with health, vitality, joy, and clarity. Thomas has an acupuncture and energy medicine clinic in San Jose, CA. He also teaches classes in energy medicine and is faculty at Five Branches University.