Healing Session Fees & Modalities


All sessions, including healing or instructional, whether in person or long distance, are $100, and last about one hour each. Please see below for descriptions of all the various session modalities that are available.

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Medical Qigong Energy Medicine Treatment


I work in person as well as long distance. In person, I utilize any combination of acupuncture, medical qigong energy medicine, consultations, lifestyle adjustments, or instruction in various healing practices. For long distance, I utilize highly specialized medical qigong energy treatment skills, as well as consultations, lifestyle adjustments, or instruction in various healing practices. We can also setup a live video personal training session via Skype. Please see below for details.

In Person Healing Sessions

The general format for in person sessions includes a brief discussion about your condition and intentions. This is followed by a tablework session, where you get to relax, allowing me to do all the energy work for you, whether through acupuncture or medical qigong energy work. Following your treatment, we have a brief discussion again in which you can ask questions and I may share insights or suggested practices or lifestyle adjustments.

Personal Training

If you come in for personal training, our session begins with a brief discussion, as above, followed by practices tailored for your specific condition, healing intention and desired outcome. Personal training is self empowering because it puts the power of healing back into your hands, by awakening your own healing potential through various practices.

Spiritual Consultations

Sometimes, people prefer to talk through an issue, rather than receiving a treatment or training session. In that case, I create a safe container in which we can explore your personal story and its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. We can explore and unpack any emotions and their limiting and negative beliefs that are playing out in your life, bringing awareness to pattens of self limitations that can be transformed through awareness. Consultations are equally powerful in person or long distance via phone or Skype.

Personal Training via Skype

If you live far away or prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home, we can set up a live interactive video training session via Skype. This includes personal training in healing practices such as medical qigong and various meditations. With personal training, you can reclaim your power, by putting the power of healing back into your hands.

Long Distance Healing Sessions

Long distance sessions typically include a brief phone conversation about your intentions (or if you prefer, you can write it up as well) followed by the actual treatment. For the treatment, if we are on the phone we’ll end the conversation, and I’ll let you settle into a comfortable laying down or meditative posture, and I’ll send a text at the start and end of the session, which will last about 40 minutes. Then sometime during that day I’ll write up my impressions and send them over. Please be aware that I am much more of an energy worker than a psychic reader, so please expect energy healing rather than a psychic reading.

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